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Some Views On Healthy Alternative

Peanut butter diet is considered as one type of heart healthy alternative to olive oil. The peanut butter diet is good because it decreases the level of cholesterol in the body. This diet also helps to decrease the fats in our body, which results into get relief from heart disease. There are many choices available for heart healthy consumers but in order to add more choices researchers have made one program to provide healthy alternative to olive oil that is peanut butter and peanut oil.

After observation, many researchers come to know that we get many advantages from peanut oils as compared to olive oil. This peanut butter not only give you heart health but also give you some health benefits also. These peanut nuts are made with the fatty acids that are considered as hood source for healthy heart.

There is another healthy alternative for high-fructose corn syrup is honey. We get This high fructose corn syrup from various types of food products such as Halloween candy and some other food products. But honey is considered as best healthy alternative because it contains antioxidants elements which are very useful to get relief from various diseases like heart disease and cancer. These antioxidant elements work as preservatives and they are used for synthetics antioxidant as a replacement. In salad dressings and in other foods these synthetic antioxidants are used. According to many researchers if we compare honey with other fruits we can say that honey contains disease-fighting antioxidants in the same level as common fruits.

There is one safe healthy alternative to sugar that is artificial sweeteners. If we eat much sugar we can get large amount of calories through which we increase our weight. so you can have a good choice by making the use of artificial sweeteners which can give very less amount of calories. By having these artificial calories you can take the sweet taste without providing calories.

If you want to lose your weight, you can make use of these artificial sweeteners. Diabetes patient also make use of artificial sweeteners because these artificial sweeteners have the power to make the taste of food without increasing your blood sugar levels. Apart from these there are some other safe healthy alternative such as stevia is basically a herb which can be used as a sweetener which has luscious taste which is sweeter in taste but it has the power to maintain the blood sugar levels. Stevia is the best safe healthy alternative to sugar because it does not give you calories

You cam have healthy alternative for traditional surgeries like balloon valve which is healthy alternative to open heart surgery. In this kind of surgery can get the safe treatment because it is a safe alternative for the patients, which have high risk. There is another safe healthy alternative for surgeries that is Lasik eye surgery, which is preferred by many people because it gives you clear vision for people who before make use of contact tenses and glasses. You can get best healthy alternative to lose fat that is use of healthy vegetable oils help to lose fat.

Energy Medicine – A Good Alternative For Improved Health Performance

“Energy medicine is medicine based on the appreciation that living systems have energy fields inside of them and around them and that these fields play important roles in physiology, regulatory biology and regulating processes that are going on inside the organism,” says Dr. Jim Oschman MD. Though he’s a practitioner of Western style medicine, Dr. Oschman recently authored a book about the scientific basis of energy medicines. He talks about alternative therapies like Chinese acupuncture and other complementary therapies that improve human performance.

These days, there’s an increasing trend for Western doctors to look to ancient Chinese medicines to treat some of their patients who aren’t responding to traditional medicines and treatments. Finding the scientific root of lethargy, for example, can be terribly tricky, but doctors from the school of Chinese medicine say that chronic fatigue is a symptom of the body being out of harmony in one way or another.

By examining the patient’s external environment, dietary habits, attitude and other symptoms, specialists in energy medicines are able to prescribe a healthier lifestyle, which many patients find more advantageous in the long run.

Energy medicine encompasses many different processes from qigong (martial arts and yoga) to Chinese acupuncture. One form is called “Reiki,” which is a form of Chinese massage. Practitioners say that their energy moves through the palms to create a relaxing – but energizing – effect.

It’s believed that a Reiki Master can reach one’s life force energy through 10-20 specific positions and techniques that generally last about 90 minutes in duration. Some emphasis is given to the intention of both the practitioner and the recipient and it is said that if the recipient doesn’t truly wish to be healed, then the effects will be mitigated. While the energy may encourage healing, Reiki is not viewed as a “miraculous cure” for serious illnesses, but rather a way of stimulating the body’s natural energy centers.

American doctors have spent their entire professional careers focused on tinkering with chemicals and running clinical trials to scientifically prove the effectiveness of traditional medicines. So naturally there will be some resistance and attempts to subvert traditional Chinese practices.

Energy medicine is not intended to be a cure-all. In the school of Chinese medicine, doctors recommend lifestyle modifications that include exercise, meditation and dietary alterations. For serious ailments, they say emergency medical treatment can’t be denied, but for long-term problems, such as chronic fatigue, why not try non-invasive Chinese energy medicines? After all, starting your day off with a massage or cup of herbal tea isn’t so bad, is it?

Four Forms Of Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine is often described as any form of treatment that differs from conventional medicine. As a method of treating a variety of ailments, alternative medicine is becoming increasingly popular with members of the public. As more people choose to use alternative treatments, the effectiveness and efficiency of the methods are being evermore tested and proved. This article attempts to highlight some of the most popular forms of alternative medicine treatments but is in no way a comprehensive list.

The first of these treatments is homeopathy; this form of alternative medicine has been in existence since the time of the Ancient Greeks. The word in fact means ‘similar disease or suffering’. While some see homeopathy as purely a means of treating conditions diagnosed in contemporary medicine, it is in fact a science that uses its of diagnosis’ to classify a variety of medical problems.

This form of alternative medicine has the ultimate objective of using the body’s own defence mechanisms to cure the patient. Subsequently, the remedies given in homeopathy rely upon small doses to stimulate the natural defences of the body. A homeopathy practitioner works closely with the patient to develop a treatment plan that will achieve the best possible result. The approach is all encompassing, taking into account the whole body rather than purely the affected area.

Naturopathy is another form of alternative medicine that comes from the Indian medical heritage. Once again it relies upon the body’s ability to heal itself. As a result a naturopathic practitioner avoids using artificial medicines and surgery and instead attempts to heal their patients with the use of herbalism, acupuncture and aromatherapy combined. The differing forms of regulation for this medical profession mean that some are wary of its benefits, but they are definitely there. A well trained naturopath will be able to utilise blood tests and images to clearly diagnose what is wrong with a patient, by doing this they are able to devise a course of treatment that will heal the certain area.

Alternative medicine also broaches the physical ailments in terms of muscular problems, this area is named chiropractics. A chiropractor attempts to diagnose muscular problems and attempts to explain the relationship with the nervous system. Treatment is fundamentally physical, using manipulation of the body to heal affected areas. This form of alternative medicine is strongly advisable for complaints such as back pain.

Also, this form of treatment is well regulated as training is needed to perform on patients, in some cases, even a degree is necessary. The treatment is not purely about manipulating the body however, a practitioner will attempt to give the patient advice on lifestyle and exercise as a full solution to muscular problems. Like other forms of alternative medicine it relies on the body’s ability to heal itself for successful treatment.

One of the disciplines of alternative medicine does not rely on the body’s healing ability is herbal medicine. Instead of using synthetic drugs, herbal medicines are formulated from plant extracts; subsequently chemical additives are removed form the treatment equation. With prolonged use, some consider this a way of boosting the immune system and warding off disease in the long term. There can be side affects with herbal treatments however, and the usual advice is that a course should only be used after consultation with your physician.

These four forms of alternative medicine only scratch the surface of the wide array available to patients today. Picking the right ones can be difficult but with good advice it should be possible to find a treatment that will lead to good health and happiness.

Everything About Alternative Medicine and Its Advantages

Alternative medicine is divided into a number of categories, each one having a specific set of theories and principles. Furthermore, many people choose alternative medicine as it presents several advantages over conventional medicine.

Alternative medicine is defined as any approach to health care that are used in place of or are outside the field of conventional medicine. Most of the time, alternative medicine involves products and techniques which are generally not recognized by the medical community. Also, this type of curative standards and procedures are normally chosen by individuals whose ailments for some reasons have not been cured by prescribed drugs or any other kind of conventional medicine.

In addition, alternative medicine can be divided into five major domains of practice. These domains of practice consist of the following: alternative medical systems, biologically based therapies, mind-body techniques,
body-based therapies, and energy therapies.

Alternative medical systems usually deal with traditional medicine from China and unconventional techniques of natural healing from certain Western countries. Under this domain of practice is the popular technique known as acupuncture. Known as the most widely accepted alternative medical procedure in the world, acupuncture involves stimulating certain points of the body through the insertion of very fine needles.

The second domain of practice consists of biologically based therapies. Practitioners of this type of therapy make use of chemicals which are normally obtained from natural sources. Common examples of these products are herbal medicine which are taken from plants and are used to treat a wide range of diseases and can even help habits such as smoking.

Next is the practice that involves mind-body techniques. This is derived from the theory that emotional and mental factors affect the person’s overall physical health. Meditation, relaxation, cognitive-behavior therapy, biofeedback, and imagery are the techniques that fall under this practice. Furthermore, chemicals are rarely used in these techniques as most of them involve concentration and mental activities.

Moving on, body-based therapies deal with curing ailments and maintaining physical health through bodily manipulations. Massage therapy and chiropractic are some forms of body-based techniques. Although these techniques differ in terms of approach and procedures, their main goal is to provide a way to alleviate aches and ailments through properly aligning the muscles and tissues of the body.

The last domain of practice under alternative medicine involves energy therapies. These techniques focus on the energy fields that are believed to be inside and around the body. These energy fields are known as biofields. Energy therapies aim to cure ailments by balancing or restoring the biofields in a person’s body. Oftentimes, people who practice energy therapies place their hands on the affected part of the patient’s body to transfer energy or affect the patient’s biofields.

Many individuals choose alternative medicine as they believe that it presents certain advantages. The first advantage is that it is apparently more safe than other curative procedures. Since alternative medicine rarely makes use of drugs and are done naturally, certain individuals are encouraged to try the said form of unconventional medicine. Another advantage of alternative medicine is that it improves not only a specific ailment but also the other aspects of a person’s life as well. It advocates proper diet, a better lifestyle, and the ways of achieving mental health. Apart from this, alternative medicine is usually less expensive than conventional medical procedures.

Is Alternative Medicine Safe and Effective?

As a kid I remember that when I would get a tummy ache, my mom would ask me to lie down and slowly sip through a drink of homemade lemonade with a dash of black salt, before dad could take me to a physician.

Today when I look back and remember, I reckon that to treat my tummy ache I was put on a course of an integrative medicine Alternative Medicine (the lemonade) + Conventional Medicine (physician prescribed drugs).

Alternative Medicine & Its Usage

Complementary and Alternative Medicine or CAM, comprises a broad range of healthcare practices, products, and systems, which don’t form a part of the conventional medicine. For instance, herbal materials, preparations and products used by Asian systems of medicine such as Ayurveda or Traditional Chinese medicine. It also includes practices viz. Acupressure, acupuncture, aromatherapy, or mind body approaches such as prayer, mental healing, meditation, etc.

Moreover, a lot of people around the world use Alternative medicines, for example in China it makes up for about 40% of healthcare delivered, in Africa 80% of the population uses it, about 48% Australians have used it at least once. In North America, 42% of USA and 70% of Canada have used it at least once. Usage is similar in Europe too, for instance 75% of France has used it at least once.

Is It Effective?

“It is,” “it isn’t,” and “I can’t say,” all of these at the same time. Given the scientific research conducted on Alternative medicine till now, it appears that a sweeping statement would be a bit too far fetched.

For instance, evidence in support of acupuncture, many herbal medicines and manual treatments does exist. On the other hand St. John’s wort didn’t seem to have an affect on the symptoms of ADHD in children and adolescents (Weber W, Vander Stoep A, McCarty RL, et al, 2008). And that, “I can’t say,” because research on many such treatments is unavailable.

Is It Safe?

Today, a perception exists that if something is natural or organic, it can’t be harmful. This belief might not be true in all cases, e.g. Snake venom is all natural and organic, but is it safe for human consumption?

Sometimes herbs can be harmful by their very nature, e.g. kava and comfrey are herbs but still have been associated with liver damage.

At other times inappropriate regulation or administration of herbs and therapeutic procedures could render highly effective alternative treatments hazardous. Consider acupuncture, though it’s been found to be effective, but if unsterilized needles are used it could lead to infection. Similarly, an overdose of Ephedra, a herbal remedy of respiratory congestion may lead to heart attacks, strokes and even death.

Forget herbs, an overdose of water too can lead to water intoxication and even death. Herbs aren’t an exception and some of them may even react undesirably with other conventional medication, or some might not be suitable for consumption during pregnancy.

However, undesirable consequences of alternative treatments due to inappropriate administration, by no means imply that alternative treatments are unsafe by themselves. Rather, proven alternative medicines when properly administered, are not only safe, potent and cost effective, but also offer patients a choice.

All in all, an absolute yes or no answer vis-a-vis safety and effectiveness of Alternative medicine doesn’t exist. Assuming quality formulation of Alternative medicines, they can either be a boon or a bane depending upon which treatments are administered, as also when and how they’re used.

BTW, I still relish the lemonade my mom makes, whether I have a tummy ache or not!














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